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Collaborated with ?What If! Innovation to produce a digital storybook for Alcon, APAC. Background for Alcon - it is a Swiss medical company specialising in eye care products. 

In two weeks, I had to illustrate the creative and art direction while translating the stories into visual illustrations to provide a better story-telling experience.
Art Direction, Editorial Design, Graphic Designer
?What If! Innovation and Alcon
Given the brand guideline for a professional brand like Alcon, I've retained the original to the closest colour of the brand. 
The storybook has a total of 7 chapters, each tells a story of the team's value; Speed & Simplicity, Ownership & Accountability, Innovation, Courage, Quality, Collaboration and Performance. I have characterised an illustration representing each chapter of the book. 
The use of illustration, the goal is to translate the team values of Alcon from words to drawings.
The visuals correspond closely with what we hope to convey to the reader.

There is always a trend towards geometric patterns, it's always fun to mix a variety of shapes, lines, and curves together for a unique result.
IT's engaging
Providing engaging visuals quickly and consistently is another excellent way to improve your visual storytelling. Illustrations and video can convey a message better because the brain decides in a fraction of a second if a visual is worth the time. 
As a visual communication tool, the digital storybook consists of 80 pages; it helps to convey long words into an engaging piece of content. 
Thank you for reading! 
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