• Concept
  • Visual
  • Agency - TBWA, Auditoire
    Client - Volkswagen Singapore
    (Pitch, altered and redesigned since initial proposal)


In mid 2013, Volkswagen Singapore is launching their new Golf VII GTI that strongly emphasis their performance and speed for the next level of driving experience. In order to show it visually, we came out with explosive graphics along with the tagline that suit the new Golf VII GTI, Born to Breakthrough| Zero to adrenaline in 6.5 seconds.

  • Actual Event - Selected FAs
  • Information Graphic
  • Prints

Golf VII GTI Signages

Interactive designed signages were added on the actual event day to bring in liveniess of the events.

The BMW World 2014

Event, Print, Graphic Design

Tie The Knot

Concept, Identity, Illustration, Print


Concept, Print, Information Graphics Design

Stitches and Maps

Web Design, Identity, Illustration


Concept, Print

Poised For Takeoff

Concept, Print, Information Graphics, Event

Beach! Barbecue! & Quest!

Concept, Print, Event

Cine 65 Award Ceremony 2013

Concept, Print, Exhibition Design, Event


Concept, Visual

Westin Passport

Concept, Information Graphics Design

Thilak & Kamini

Concept, Print, Illustration


Concept, Illustration

Skate with Music

Concept, Packaging, Graphics Design